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Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner

Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner

Being a pool owner, you are probably already spending countless hours vacuuming your pool by hand. Instead of enjoying every single moment of free time relaxing by your pool with your friends or diving into the clean, beautiful water, you are doomed to clean your pool regularly and waste precious hours every week. So lets talk about robotic pool cleaners.

You have landed on the most useful page for you, as here you will find tips on how to maintain a pool and you will discover precious tips on how to choose the best pool cleaner for your needs. If you want to know how to choose a robotic pool cleaner, keep reading and all of your questions will be answered.

Starter Tips

Inground or above ground pools have different needs and standards. As a pool owner, it is important to know that there are hundreds of pool cleaners available on the market. As you have probably already realized, above ground robotic pool cleaners and inground pool robotic cleaners are not that cheap. They are a long-term investment, so you want to make the most out of your finances and buy only the right type of device that can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

There are numerous pool cleaners that can keep your pool spotless. Basically, you can choose from manual and automatic pool cleaners, but we will only discuss electronic robots which are highly efficient and sustainable, as they are the right type of device you should choose to clean your pool over and over again. However, in order for you to better understand the benefits of robotic pool cleaners, it is important to take a look at what manual pool cleaners have to offer.

Manual Pool Cleaners – Reasons to Avoid Them

Manual pool cleaners are very similar to domestic vacuum cleaners. The first reason to avoid these pool cleaners is that you need to spend extra time to connect them to your pool’s suction inlet. Although a manual cleaner is much more cheaper than an automatic pool cleaner, it takes a lot of effort and physical extersion to use. In the end, using this device is similar to cleaning your pool on your own.

Conversely, an automatic or robotic pool cleaner is very easy to use. Just hook it up, turn it on and let it clean your pool’s bottom and walls. You will be astounded at the amazing job one of these devices can make on its own.

Despite the lower financial investment, manual pool cleaners are simply not worth buying, unless you have plenty of spare time and you like cleaning your pool.

Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners are simply amazing, as they allow you to reduce considerably the timerobotic pool cleaner you spend cleaning and maintaining your pool. When it comes to choosing a robotic pool cleaner for you, there are several aspects you need to consider. However, the first and most important is deciding which type of pool cleaner is the right one for you.

Here are the main three types of automatic pool cleaners:

1. Suction: suction pool side cleaners use your pool’s dedicated filtration system. They attach to your suction line and propel themselves throughout the pool. Once switched on, suction pool cleaners move around your pool and suck any debris they come across.

These modern pool cleaners require little to no supervision. Nevertheless, due to their random nature, suction-side pool cleaners tend to get stuck in obstacles. Disentangling them is quite a daunting task, especially if the cord has wrapped around the device.

As positive aspects, suction automatic pool cleaners are less expensive than robotic cleaners, have fewer moving parts and are easily maintained and cleaned. However, their negative aspects far outweigh the positive ones. They require your pool pump to function at its maximum capacity, they get stuck seldom and lead to increased pressure on the filter.

2. Pressure Side Pool Cleaners: driven by water pressure to move around, these devices require an additional booster pump. Despite the fact that pressure cleaners last long in time and are very reliable, they are extremely hard to set up and to use. These devices use a filtration bag to store debris and dirt, which relieves the pressure and the wear on your pool’s filtration system.
Pressure side pool cleaners consume more electricity in order to work and are harder to set up. That is why we don’t recommend them either.

3. Electronic (or robotic) Pool Cleaners: ultimately, robotic pool cleaners run separately from your pool’s filtration system, being equipped with powerful motors and being powered by electricity. Obviously, they are highly secured and comply with all safety standards.

Robotic cleaners are much more expensive than the other automatic cleaners. However, they come with numerous other benefits. For starters, they are quicker and perform a better job at cleaning your pool. They can also save on maintenance cost and power and water usage.

These simple plug & play devices can easily scrub your pool floors, walls and even the waterline, giving you the peace of mind that your entire pool is clean, not just the floor. Some of the top rated robotic pool cleaners are Tiger Shark, Dolphin Premier, and Dolphin Nautilus 99996323.  To learn more about each one of these top rated pool cleaners, simply click on their name. If you are looking for the best pool vacuum cleaner for your needs, you should probably choose one of these powerful robotic cleaners.

Whether you need an above ground pool automatic vacuum cleaner or an inground robotic cleaner, the three devices listed above can be extremely helpful for your pool care needs.

Aspects to Consider when Buying a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin NautilusNow that you are convinced of the benefits of robotic automatic pool cleaners and you have read a few pool vacuum reviews, you are ready to buy your first robotic pool cleaner. Here is how to choose a pool cleaner that will not only meet your needs, but also exceed your wildest expectations.

– Consider your Pool Size: first and foremost, you need to ensure that you buy the best suction pool cleaner for your pool size. While some robotic cleaners are perfect for small size pools of under 30 feet, others are created for Olympic sized pools. As a rule of thumb, the Tiger Shark is perfect for pools up between 20 and 40 feet, while Dolphin Premier and Dolphin Nautilus are manufactured for pools of between 50 and 70 feet.

The size of your pool directly affects the type of pool cleaner you need to buy. For instance, suction models require multiple hoses, which may end up increasing your energy cost and cluttering your area around the pool. Narrow your selection down by selecting a robotic pool cleaner that can clean your pool in around 2-3 hours.

– Elements of your pool: does your pool have multiple slopes, inclines and steps? Does it have multiple corners? Choose a robotic pool cleaner that has the ability to climb walls and reach the waterline. In case you have an above-ground pool, it is not necessary to take into account the above elements. Conversely, if you have an inground pool, choose one of these robotic pool cleaners: Tiger Shark, Dolphin Premier, and Dolphin Nautilus 99996323, and consider the elements presented above.

– Determine the surroundings: another aspect to take into consideration when buying a robotic pool cleaner is the volume of debris falling in your pool. If your pool is surrounded by trees, you might want to purchase a powerful device such as Dolphin Premier, as you will probably have a lot of acorn, twigs, flowers and leaves falling inside your pool.

Your pool cleaner should not only collect all debris from underwater, but should also clear the waterline and remove all leaves floating on your pool.

– Determine the texture of the bottom of your pool: some pools do not have a flat bottom. If you have a rocky or irregular bottom, ensure that you get a pool cleaner that has the ability to clean your floor thoroughly. Is your pool made of vinyl, tiles or fiberglass? Before buying a robotic pool cleaner you really like, one that fits your budget, make sure that it is compatible with your pool bottom material. Some robotic pool cleaners do not operate at their best with fiberglass, while others are specially made to clean pools with fiberglass bottom.

– Assess the cost: if you are willing to invest in a robotic pool cleaner that would last for years to come, we recommend you to select one of the following: Tiger Shark, Dolphin Premier, and Dolphin Nautilus 99996323. Of course, you might pay more, but remember that you always get what you paid for.

Even though the cost should be your last consideration, it is always an important aspect to keep in mind. If you have to choose between two robotic pool cleaners with similar features, the final decision might boil down to cost. If you find a great offer or a special deal, do not hesitate to capitalize on it.

– Maintenance: an automatic pool cleaner is supposed to “automate” your job, making it extremely easy for you to clean your pool. At the same time, it should be very easy to maintain. Keep an eye for potential problems that your pool cleaner might have. Read as many inground pool cleaner reviews as possible in order to pinpoint the potential problems it might have.
All of the robotic pool cleaners we recommend are very easy to clean, to maintain and to store. Read about them here: link to each of the articles.

– Take into account the key features of the pool you want to buy: modern robotic pool cleaners are the most sustainable and innovative solution you have to keep your pool in a perfect state of functioning. In addition to being environmentally friendly, robotic pool cleaners come with numerous features that could prove extremely useful for you in the long run.

Here are some of the top features offered by robotic pool cleaners that should make your life much easier:

– Patented swivel cable that prevents tangling: Dolphin Premier, and Dolphin Nautilus 99996323 will rock your world by coming with the best swivel cable you’ve ever seen. It prevents tangling, making the robot journey through your pool with ease. No more time wasted trying to untangle the cable.

– Energy efficiency: modern robotic cleaners are equipped with innovative dual high RPM motors which can reduce the power output by more than 90%. As an example, Dolphin Premier is able to reduce energy consumption by more than 90% due to its high RPM motor and SmartNav microprocessor that calculates the best route around the obstacles in your pool.

– Air sensors: another great feature of 2016 robotic cleaners are the air sensors, which purify the air and improve the waterline cleaning process.

– Remote control: some devices, such as the advanced Dolphin premier, come with remote control for easier control and wireless cleaning.

– LED alerts: if you want to know when the filters need to be cleaned, purchase a robotic cleaner that alerts you using LED signals.

– Climb walls: an useful feature of robotic cleaners is the possibility to climb walls, as over 99% of the contaminants in your pool are stuck on the ground floor or on the walls. A robot such as Dolphin Nautilus can easily climb your walls using HyperGrip wheels and clean all of your pool with ease.

– 3D filters: the last but not the least, robots equipped with 3D filters can trap the smallest micro particles inside your pool, ensuring that you get the best cleaning possible.

Final Thoughts

Out of the wide variety of robotic pool cleaners, there are a couple of brands that have managed to establish a very good reputation. Dolphin and Tiger Shark are making the most out of the latest technology and design, allowing you to enjoy top-of-the-range cleaning robots for your pool.

Tiger Shark, Dolphin Premier, and Dolphin Nautilus 99996323 are all great robotic cleaners. Now that you know how to choose a robotic pool cleaner, choose one of these cleaners and get the peace of mind that your pool is on good hands.

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