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McCulloch ROB 1000 (“The Rob”) Robotic Lawn Mower Review

The Rob robotic lawn mower
What would you give in exchange for a perfectly manicured lawn? How much are you willing to spend in order to save a whole lot of time and gain the peace of mind that your lawn is always in great shape? Since robotic lawn mowers have hit the market, homeowners from all over the country have been eager to capitalize on the benefits offered by these new modern devices. Let me introduce you to the McCulloch ROB 1000 robotic mower.

Robotic lawn mowers have become increasingly advanced and have managed to hit whole new levels of functionality and reliability. One of the latest launches in this industry is the McCulloch ROB 1000 Programmable Robotic Mower. Also known as “The Rob”, this gorgeous robotic lawn mowing machine is one of the most advanced so far. In addition to the astounding design, this robot is virtually silent, cutting your grass seamlessly on a pre-definitive schedule. Moreover, it is equipped with a load of features that protect it against theft, accidental damage, rain and many other external threats.

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The Rob – Why Consider to Buy it?

The McCulloch ROB lawn mower is not your average robotic lawn mower. This device, which is the upgraded version of the well-famed ROB R600, allows you to capitalize on all the benefits offered by robotic lawn mowers, plus more.

Without further ado, here are some of the upfront reasons to consider buying the new McCulloch ROB 1000.

1. Save a Whole Lot of Time
Let’s say that you spend half an hour each week to cut your lawn during the summer and spring seasons, and the same amount of time each month during the fall and winter months. That’s roughly 10 hours or more of your time. Just imagine what would you do with all that extra time. In fact, to be sincere, if you want a perfectly manicured lawn, you will probably spend 5x more time over a period of a year mowing the lawn. Depending on the lawn size, you might even spend 10x more. That’s a total of 100 hours a year. And that’s a lot.

Imagine what you could do with all that extra time. Four full days of your life wastedMcCulloch ROB 1000 on mowing the lawn. Of course, you might enjoy this activity, but we’re still talking about four full days.

What could you do with 4 days?
– Watch all of your favorite movies 5 times each – or watch all Lord of the Rings movies 10 times
– Drive from the East coast to the West Coast while camping in four different hotels
– Spend two days of your life on a beach in Hawaii, plus another one on the plane and another one enjoying your favorite hobby

The McCulloch ROB 1000 Programmable Robotic Mower can definitely save you a whole lot of time. Why waste your precious time mowing when you can leave the professional do the job in your stead? And trust me, the new ROB 1000 knows how to do this job better than no one else.

2. Easier to Store than a Regular Lawnmower
Let’s say that you are not willing to pay the extra cost and you stick to your old lawnmower. Maybe you have a larger garden and you prefer to buy a lawn tractor. However, the latter is so big that it is practically impossible for you to store it without building a separate shed for it. The same goes true for your regular lawnmower. Whether it’s Honda HRX, Snapper, Poulan Pro, Toro Personal Pace, Lawn-Boy or any other top gas lawn mower in 2017, they are extremely big and require a separate storage space.

That is definitely not true for The Rob. This beautiful lawn mower is so small that it can practically fit anywhere. At 10.24 x 17.32 x 23.23 inches, Rob can easily be stored in its charging station or right on your front porch. And nothing to worry – no one will ever be able to steal your new friend, as it is equipped with the latest audible alarm in the neighborhood.

3. Can Cut at Night
Lastly but not the least, ROB 1000 allows you enjoy your day like never before. When do you want to spend time in your garden, enjoying the weather outside and spending some quality time with your family? You guessed it right – during the day. Well, you can’t do that while cutting the grass. Moreover, you can’t play with your children with that dangerous gas mower on the lawn. The McCulloch robotic mower solves this problem, being able to mow your lawn all night long without making a sound. You can now enjoy spending time in your garden when the sun is up and shining, knowing that your lawn will look just gorgeous again the next day.

These are just three reasons as to why buying the new McCulloch ROB lawn mower is a very smart choice. At the end of this ROB 1000 review you will get a complete list of 10 big reasons to consider purchasing this new grass-cutting machine. However, we strongly recommend you to read through all the review in order to get acquainted with the features and specs of this programmable robotic lawn mower.

High-End Design

When it comes to the design, nothing can stand toe-to-toe with the new programmatic lawn mower released by the prestigious McCulloch company. If you enjoyed the grace of the previous version, the ROB R600, with its smooth curves and perfect black/yellow color choice, know that the new ROB 1000 looks even better.

We can’t stress enough how beautiful this device is. By simply having it in your backyard, you can draw the attention of neighbors Nothing more to say here. Just watch the photos and think twice before looking at any other robotic lawn mower.

Is the Set Up Easy?

This product comes fully equipped with everything you need in order to use it. The box includes the lawnmower, the charging station, 400 pegs, 3 metal cutting blades and over 650 feet of boundary wire. Your only task is to install the perimeter wire and then play with the programming features.

As a rule of thumb, it takes less than an hour to install the wire. The process is simple. Start from one end of your lawn and encircle your entire space with pegs. Take the wire and by following the instructions peg it on top of the pegs. You can also place it below the surface, depending on your preferences. In case your need more wire, you can always order more directly from the manufacturer. However, keep in mind that the perimeter wire of the McCulloch ROB lawn mower is not universal, so do not expect to find extra wire at your local hardware store.

Once you install the perimeter, your new robot will work completely autonomously. After the work is done, according to your programming, it will return to the charging station. However, it might also return to the station if the battery is running low. But don’t worry- it will continue where it left off.

You can always refer to this video on how to install it.

Check out the McCulloch ROB 1000

What are the Features?

When it comes to its features, know that this modern robotic lawn mower has everything you need for a perfectly manicured lawn. It cuts up to .25 acres of grass.  Due to the powerful motor and high-end blades, it can climb slopes of up to 25% incline and cut the grass with ease. The wheels are sturdy enough and have an excellent grip to sustain the robot when climbing steep slopes.

This lawn mower is fully programmatic. Just program it according to your own preference and it will always do its job flawlessly. With several programming options, you can literally set it to cut the grass at your preferred time interval.

To spice things up, McCulloch have equipped their new robotic lawn mower with a loud audible alarm and a security pin code. This means two things:
1. When lifted off the ground, an extremely powerful alarm starts to yell, waking up the entire neighborhood. In order to prevent unpleasant situations when your children are playing around, you can disable the alarm from triggering by entering the pin.
2. Thanks to the Pin code protection, you can only stop the alarm by entering the pin. Moreover, it also needs the pin to start working again. Make sure you and your wife know the pin at all times to ensure that the device does not require manual rebooting from a specialist.

10 Extra Reasons to Buy the McCulloch ROB 1000 Lawn Mower Today

As promised, here are the main benefits of this modern device. They are also the main reasons you should purchase it, in addition to the three outlined in the beginning of the article:

1. Will not just cut your grass, but also feed your lawn: this modern robotic lawn mower does not simply collect grass, but trims the tip of each grass blade, creating rich clippings that fall back to the ground. These micro clippings turn to mulch, feeding your lawn and making it greener & thicker. Nice bonus to have, for sure!

2. Fully programmable: The ROB is fully programmable, which means you have absolute control over its functions. You are the boss, telling it when to mow and when to rest. Now that it true convenience.

3. Totally safe: your new Rob 1000 protects your children, pets and neighbors. The rotating cutting blades are specially designed to stop in an instant the moment the robot is accidentally flipped over or tilted.

4. Leaves no patches or tracks: this modern robot is designed to easily adapt to various surfaces. It cuts your grass in irregular patterns, making sure the grass is perfectly even. Moreover, it leaves no marks due to the no-skid, padded wheels.

5. Can operate 24/7: probably one of the biggest benefits of The ROB is its potential to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While it is not recommended, you can test it for a few days straight and see how it keeps working ceaselessly. Of course, it will go back to the docking stations every few hours to recharge.

6. Anti-theft features: the McCulloch ROB lawn mower is equipped with the most advanced anti-theft features. The PIN code is paired to the charging station, plus the auto-shut off feature ensures no one will be able to use it unless you enter the PIN.

7. Weatherproof: living in a humid area? No problem. ROB 1000 can easily work during rain, snow, even storms. While it is not recommended to use it then, you can test it to see for yourself its reliability and power.

8. Extremely quiet: this is the most quiet robotic lawn mower available on the market. Period.

9. Automatically returns to the charging station when the battery is running low: another extremely convenient feature.

10. Almost too good to be true: yes, this robotic lawn mower has so many features and benefits that seem surreal. However, you can buy it today online and save big using the McCulloch ROB 1000 coupons.

What are the Potential Drawbacks?

Probably the only problem you might have to face with the McCulloch ROB 1000 is the availability of the wire. In case you have a large lawn, the standard 650 feet might not be enough. If you don’t get extra wire from the manufacturer, do not expect to find it in your local hardware store, as that’s not going to happen.

What is the Final Verdict?

The best place to buy the new McCulloch ROB lawn mower is on the official site and on Amazon. However, you should keep your eyes open for deals. Study the McCulloch robotic mower price and look for coupons that can help you save up to 20%.

There is no doubt that the McCulloch ROB 1000 Programmable Robotic Mower is one of the best robotic lawn mowers that has hit the market in 2017, and probably one of the best for your own lawn. If you are convinced to give it a try, click here or below link below and take advantage of the great price available online.

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