About Me

Robots Worldwide is a new website for a new and exciting industry. This site was created to provide unbiased and quality reviews and news in the robotic household industry.

I first became intrigued after trying out the iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner.  Then I realized how many other robotic and smart products are either available now or will be in the near future, so I became hooked on researching them.

I am not a technical geek or guru but I love products that make life easier.

Who has the time to clean a swimming pool if a machine can do it for you?

How great would it be to never push a lawnmower again because a robot can do it for you?

I am just excited and fascinated about the future and robotic products.   I aim to be your #1 site to visit to find out about new products and news.

Along with reviews from myself, you will also read knowledgeable information from other bloggers as well to provide different perspectives and experiences.

Since I do still have to pay the bills, I am an Amazon affiliate partner, which means I do receive a small commission if you decide to buy anything on the linked websites. This commission is at no cost to you and does not affect your prices.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Also, if you have a product you would like for me to review, just let me know!

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