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Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner – Is This the Best Cleaner for You?

Dolphin Premier
Maytronics engineers have done it again! They have managed to create one of the most advanced pool robots ever to be released  on the market.  Taking advantage of the latest technology advancements, coming with unique features and being equipped with exceptional components, the Dolphin Premier pool cleaner is the #1 rated pool cleaner available on the market.

If you are here looking for a complete and unbiased Dolphin Premier pool cleaner, you’ve landed on the right page. As a pool owner, you realize that investing in high-tech equipment to keep your pool safe is imperative for your family safety and your peace of mind.

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You can now spend amazing summer afternoons with your close friends and family enjoying the weather or take a relaxing swim right after getting back from work. Dolphin Premier makes sure your pool is sparkling clean and there are no germs lurking in the water.

Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner has been called unanimously the “best Dolphin pool cleaner ever made” by both experts and users, but some have moved a step forward, labeling this device as the best pool cleaner that has ever been manufactured. Coming with revolutionary features such as Multimedia compatibility, SmartNav, HyperGrip tracks, superior scrubbing, Power Clean brush and DIY engineering, to name just a few, the Dolphin Premier is in a class of its own.

It’s easy to see why this new product is the right answer to the changing demands of pool owners from all around the world. Its groundbreaking design is combined with a multitude of high-end features and a level of efficiency never seen before. Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner has transferred us into the future, or to put it the other way around, has brought the technology of the future into our present age.

State-of-the art DC motor, highly efficient, ingenious multi-media filtration, hyper-grip tracks for easy climbing, the Dolphin Premier can reduce energy costs by up to 90%, enabling you to clean your pool in no time at all and with minimum financial investment. Dolphin Premier is the newest pool cleaning robot to come out of the well-renowned Maytronics laboratories. Let’s explore

A Short History Lesson

It all began in 1983, when Maytronics decided to start a new revolution in the pool cleaning industry. Founded in the same year, this company started out in full force by designing the first robotic pool cleaner the world has ever seen. Using state-of-the-art technologies, the company began to set new standards in pool care, creating devices that were offering an unmatched combination of aesthetics and innovation.

What really made Maytronics stand out in their niche is their availability to identify emerging trends and capitalize on them in order to create robots able to address new market segments. All of the robots and products designed by Maytronics have been tested extensively in real-life conditions, complying with all ISO standards of this industry, including ISO 9001:2008.

Maytronics operates in several countries of the world, with wholly owned subsidiaries in France, Australia, USA and Argentina. They also have an extensive network of local distributors, which ensures they are always close to customers. Their products are all eco-friendly for an exceptionally clean, pure, safe and relaxing pool.

Before the first Dolphin pool cleaner was launched back in 1983, there were many doubters who believed that a pool cleaner that operated without a booster pump was quite ineffective. Of course, the standard pool cleaners always needed old-fashioned AC motors in order to supply the device with suction power or pressure. That was true until Maytronics launched their first robotic pool cleaner that spawned a 24-volt motor with over 2,000 watts.

This highly efficient onboard motor with low voltage has managed to turn the pool cleaning industry upside down. The opportunity to get more using less resources has finally arrived. Now, after more than three decades and tens of Dolphin pool cleaner models launched over the years, Maytronics has finally got to a point where they can integrate the advancements in technology with innovation and creativity. This is how Dolphin Premier was finally born.


Part-alien, part-robot. That’s how Maytronics tries to impress their clients. The Dolphin Premier pool cleaner features a unique design, out-of-this-world we might say. This device might be small, but it’s definitely mighty. The Dolphin Premier pool cleaner will always give any pool cleaner, whether human or robot, a run for their money.

This machine is unlike any other pool cleaner out there. Hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours have been spent in researching and developing this wonder product. The end result is exceptional – a device that cleans your pool flawlessly, getting you rid of algae, biofilm, leaves, dirt, debris and any living organism. This robot is able to clean and scrub every single square inch of your pool, including walls, waterline and coves.

As if the fact that this pool robot cleans your basin so thoroughly is not enough, it pays off by itself in less than one year due to the extraordinary energy saving.


Because this device is so advanced, it includes everything you need in order to get a perfectly cleaned pool. Here are the most important specs of the Dolphin Premier:

– SmartNav microprocessor that learns the pool inside out an navigates around obstacles

– Processor that calculates the optimal pattern for improved efficiency & flawless cleaning

– HyperGrip tracks propulsion for enhanced control and improved power output

– Capable of vacuuming debris, leaves, green algae and pollen

– Energy savings of up to 90% due to the innovative dual high RPM motors

– Vacuums and scrubs steps, doors, waterline and walls

– Dual ballasts for delivering superior maneuverability, agility and climbing performance

– 2 micron rating that is able to remove the smallest particles and green algae

– Equipped with air sensor for improve waterline cleaning

– Filters 75 gallons a minute for an incredible filtering

– Twin micro cartridges

– Optional debris bag

– 24 Volt DC energy motor

– Bi-directional, dual power brushes

– Smart timer that allows weekly, 2x or 3x cycles

– LED alerts to let you know when the filters need to be replaced

– 180 watts

– 22 pounds

– 60 feet long cable made of thermoplastic rubber

– Available options: remote control for wireless cleaning, optional debris bag and caddy option

Climbing Walls

Now that you know the specs and features of the Dolphin Premier pool cleaner, it is time to dive deeper and take a look at the aspects that make it truly shine. One of the most impressive improvements over the previous Dolphin models is its capacity to literally climb walls.

Over 99% of the contaminants of your pools do not flow in water, but are stuck to the ground floor and to the walls. If you have accidentally touched the walls of your pool, you’ve probably noticed how rough and sticky they can feel. That is because they are coated with one or more layers of bacteria, algae or biofilm. No other Dolphin robot for cleaning pools has been able to clean the walls of a pool, except for the newest Dolphin Premier 2016.

This advanced robot can literally climb your pool walls, regarding of the angle, and scrub away all the buildup, going all the way up to the waterline. Thanks to the Hyper Grip rubber tracks, this modern machine can climb your walls without falling off. These tracks were designed from the ground up for increased maneuverability, agility and tracking.

Because the ordinary wheels had constant slippage problems in the past, which resulted in wasted performance and energy, the new rubber tracks come with a greater surface area and a non-slip design which improves both efficiency and maneuverability. With these innovative rubber tracks, slippage is permanently eliminated and energy is conserved.

Brushing at the Next Level

Thanks to the PowerClean system, Dolphin Premier pool cleaner is more than able to take the cleaning of your pool to the next level. In addition to removing any loose debris at the bottom of your pool, this robot shines at removing invisible bacteria, biofilm and algae that is attached to the walls of your pool. Many cleaning robots will only pass over difficult pathogens, leaving them in your pool. Not the Dolphin Premier.

Being equipped with dual high RPM brushes, this device is so powerful that can easily scrub every single inch in your pool. The brushes dislodge biofilm and bacteria and trap them inside the media. Standing out of the crowd and setting itself apart from ordinary cleaners, the Premier was specially designed to clean any type of pool surface, including the waterline and the tile.

The 3,000 RPM motor allows this robot to easily climb your pool walls and to remain firmly attached to it while climbing up to the waterline. Spinning at over 50 times a second, the brushes can handle with ease any colonies of biofilm, algae and bacteria. The device reaches deep into every corner of your pool, vacuuming and scrubbing everything.

Modular Engineering at its Best

The Dolphin Premier pool cleaner is so advanced that it can greatly minimize downtime. This robotic pool cleanerdevice is constructed on a modular DIY platform. In case it needs servicing, each component can be easily replaced by the manufacturer. This way, you will get it back in no time at all, perfectly tuned and ready for some more cleaning.

Being easily maintained and repaired is very convenient for pool users who use their pools regularly. The dealer can change the parts in less than 10 minutes, so you can actually solve the problem in the same day if you live near a dealer. That is the next level of convenience and speed.

Intelligent Navigation

The SmartNav robotic scanning feature is something you can only see in movies. The moment you release the robot in your pool, it won’t wander aimlessly like most other robots. Thanks to its SmartNav navigation system, it will perform a complete scan of your pool and will calculate the optimal route for cleaning the whole area.

Being equipped with the ability to sense drains and ladders, Premier from Maytronics will not get stuck or hung up. You can rest assured that you will never have to dive to the bottom of your pool to “rescue” the robot that is supposed to clean your pool. To top it all, the Dolphin Premier pool cleaner takes half the time needed by a regular pool cleaning machine, which is about 1 hour and a half for a 50 feet long pool.

MultiMedia Takes on a Whole New Meaning

The Dolphin Premier pool cleaner capitalizes on the improvements in cleaning technology by using MultiMedia. The device can be equipped with up to four types of different media. Each media works specific jobs. Dolphin Premier allows you to use disposable debris bags, oversized debris bags, standard cartridges and micro cartridges.

What’s really amazing is that you can change your media in seconds. Want to pick up leaves? Choose the oversized bag. Need to clean algae and fine debris? Go with the standard or micro cartridges. Thanks to MultiMedia, you can accomplish multiple tasks with just one machine.

To make you fall in love with the Dolphin Premier device, know that this unit is capable of using two media at the same time. In other words, you save twice as much time and effort.

Tangle-Free Cord

The carefully engineered cord can rotate 360 degrees. This makes it incredibly easy for you to use the robot. There is nothing worse to try to untangle your pool cleaning robot from a tangled power cord. No more of that. Gain the peace of mind that your new robot will be able to rotate 360 degrees without degradation or wear & tear.

The underwater tangle-free cord that can rotate 360 degrees is probably one of the most impressive engineering accomplishments of the decade in the pool cleaning industry. Maytronics are the first and only company to invent and patent the robotic swivel. You can trust them with your pool cleaning needs. There is no other company to do that then Maytronics.

Ultra Efficient Motor

Another amazing accomplishment of the engineers from Maytronics is the creation of the 3,000 RPM ultra-efficient motor that provides a whole new focus on sustainability. The engineers from this world-renowned company have found the key to success by experimenting with hundreds of motors and rotations per minute choices. By installing a powerful magnet to the 3,000 RPM motor and by fine-tuning it, the specialists have managed to create something totally unique.

Well-renowned for its high ration of inertia and torque, this motor can save up to 87% more energy by moving around in a pre-set pattern, consuming just enough power to ensure maximum retention. The operating cost is just 5 cents an hour. Compare that with the operating cost of other robots that can exceed 50 cents an hour.

No Babysitting

If you do not have enough time to babysit your pool cleaner, which is almost certain, you would love this pool robot. Dolphin Premier can be turn on and it will do all the cleaning and scrubbing job automatically, at its own pace. You don’t even need to be there to turn it off. Once it cleans all your pool and waterline, it stops automatically. This beautiful device can clean your pool while you are at work, when shopping or when running, to ensure you get a clean pool once you get home and you can swim like never before.


The Dolphin Premier pool cleaner comes with an impressive 3 years warranty, which is not pool cleanerlimited to the number of times you use the device. In simple terms, the warranty is exactly what you would expect from a good warranty offered by a professional company. The Dolphin Premier has a full 3-years warranty which covers everything, no matter the reason of the damage. You can use it for 3 years and rest assured that you will get ALL your money back in case the device malfunctions.

A top-of-the-line robotic pool cleaner should always have a “non-sense” warranty that protects your financial investment. Not limited to cycles or hours, not pro-rated and not biased. This is hands down the single best warranty you can find in the pool cleaning industry.


As any other robot designed by Maytronics in the last decade, the Dolphin Premier pool cleaner is eco-green. It does not emit any harmful substances, it is connected straight to your domestic water network and on top of all cleans your pool using chemical free processes. You won’t find a better eco-friendly solution in the world of pool cleaning robots than Dolphin Premier.

Best Price

If you want to get the best price for your new Dolphin Premier, you can go on Amazon at and get one starting at $1,097.

As this is a specialized product, there are not many places where you can get it online. We recommend you to enter the official website or buy it from Amazon and get the best price for your Dolphin Premier pool cleaner.


– Made by a respectable company, Maytronics, with a proven track record in the pool cleaning industry. As a well-established enterprise with over 3 decades of experience in this field, the manufacturer of Dolphin Premier are devoted to the end user and believe in what they created. Many actual employees have been part of the initial staff, which says something about the commitment these people have in creating the best pool cleaning products.

– Inspiring design: the alien-like design is totally unique and says a lot about the innovation involved in creating the Dolphin Premier pool cleaner. The blue and black choice of colors is simply excellent from a neutral standpoint.

– HyperGrip wheels: this track system is the most advanced ever to be used in a pool cleaning robot. The agility the Premier gains is unmatched, and the grip flawless.

– Advanced brush: the PowerClean brush spins at very high RPM in order to remove even the most difficult biofilm and algae. Being made of highly-resistant material, the brush will last long in time and will do a flawless cleaning job every single time.

– Cleans all of your pool: unlike previous pool cleaners, the Dolphin Premier pool cleaner is able to clean every single square inch of your pool, including walls, coves and even the waterline.

– Tangle free cord: the patented technology behind the anti-tangle swivel was pioneered by Maytronics is simply exceptional. It will save you a lot of headaches and will make you really appreciate this device.

– Four media types: choose from micro-filtering to regular filters and then move to oversized bags and disposable debris bags.

– Best in its class: all the features of the Dolphin Premier pool cleaner make it the single best robotic pool cleaner in its class.


Not many to say here. Probably the only drawback is the high price, which makes the Dolphin Premier pool cleaner unaffordable for many people. However, considering the energy saving, this device is a good investment that pays off by itself very quickly. Invest in it and you will recoup your investment in no time at all.


Finally, there is no point in reiterating all of the points made above. The Dolphin Premier pool cleaner is definitely the most advanced robot for cleaning your pool, and probably the best choice at the moment. Take into consideration all its features and benefits and remember the 3 years extended warranty. There is no valid reason as to why not to purchase this extraordinary device.

With these in mind, know that you have made the best choice possible for you and your family’s safety. From now on, you will be able to swim and relax by the pool and call all your relatives and best friends to accompany you, knowing that no algae or bacteria can harm you.


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