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Worx Landroid Lawn Mower Review

Worx Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

Robotic lawn mowers are the new rave. Homeowners have been mesmerized by the unique benefits of these lawn mowers and thus are eager to try them straight away in their back gardens and front yards. As with the robotic vacuum cleaner trend, the robot lawn mower is a whole new movement that includes a wide variety of high-end lawn mowers. Out of vast range of of robotic mowers available on the market, the Worx Landroid stands out of the crowd by coming with extraordinary features and benefits.

Whether you have heard of Worx Landroid robotic lawn mower from a friend, you have read a Worx robot lawn mower review online or you have simply landed on this page looking for a reliable mower to navigate narrow passages and making intricate cuts, you have come exactly where you needed to be. Keep reading our review of Work Landroid and discover why this futuristic lawn mower is simply the best choice you can make in 2017.

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Worx Landroid Lawn Mower – What is it?

Worx Landroid is a robotic lawnmower that is fully equipped and ready to mow over 1,000 square meters in a single charge. This device uses spinning razor blades to slice the grass, a technique considered unanimously safer and faster than the traditional “hacking the grass” type of mowing. Regular slicing the grass greatly reduces the overall stress on your lawn, while enabling you to fertilize it during the process.

Worx Landroid is a device that promotes the future of lawn mowing in itself. This pre-programmable robot enables you to customize and personalize your own cutting height, mowing schedule, patterns, yard size, and many more. Due to its high-end features, Landroid from Worx cuts with top precision, navigates narrow passages with ease, ascends slopes of up to 20 degrees and does all that in a very good time. To top it all, this futuristic lawn mower delivers zero emissions.


Let’s start off by saying that the design of Worx Landroid will knock your socks off. This compact little beast featuresWorx Landroid a gorgeous black & gold housing that makes it resemble a futuristic robot you only see in movies. Due to the compact 21 x 14 x 10 inches frame and the 18.7 pounds in weight, you can easily carry this device around and you can keep it safe from privy eyes.

Worx Landroid is small enough to stay conceivable behind the grass and do its job flawlessly. Its 14 inches wide enables it to navigate narrow passages and do a marvelous job.

From a first glance, you can’t but notice the big red Stop button. The waterproof black and gold casing covers the main controls, which includes a start and stop button, plus numerical keypad for programming the device. You will also notice a small LCD on the console, which you can use to see real-time statistics and to further program the mower’s performance.

The blades have a fair diameter of 8 inches, which is more than you need for monthly maintenance of your lawn. The blades are properly separated from the casing above, which makes the device perfectly safe. By lifting it up, you are automatically interrupting its movement. Thus, you can rest assured that none of your children or relatives will get themselves hurt by accidentally tripping over the mower or lifting it up.

In addition to the main controls and the blades, Worx is equipped with a base station, featuring a handle to the side and two metallic prongs that act as a charging mechanism.

Is it Easy Installation?

Worx Landroid is not the easiest to set up. You might need to do a bit of manual labor in order to ensure that the mower runs smoothly. The first and most important task after taking the device out of the box involves setting the boundary line around the perimeter of your lawn. You can either use pegs or short nails.

Next, set up the mower to do its job only inside the perimeter. As it uses the boundary wire as a perimeter option, the device will return to the base after reaching each of the four corners of the perimeter. Thus, make sure you set the perimeter properly in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Unfortunately, setting up Worx Landroid robotic lawn mower can be a tedious process for some people. However, by following the instructions to the T, the installation process will become much easier. In the end, why not have fun with your children or family and do the installation a common project of you all?

Remember that if you want to get the absolute top benefits from this mower, you have to install it the proper way.

How About the Performance?

WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower, 28-volt WG794
When it comes to performance, there is simply nothing negative to impute to Worx Landroid. This device can trim your grass to a height of up to 60 mm, which is more than enough for regular maintenance. In case you need something bigger, you can start using the highest setting, and then gradually lower the mow height until you reach the desired grass height.

This device works by mowing around your yard in a random pattern, but always inside of the set perimeter. Due to the sensors embedded within, the Landroid can work its way around any obstacles, both moving and unmoving. Thus, it can go around dogs, trees or even feet. Of course, the sensors aren’t perfect. If you decide to throw a party in your back garden while mowing it, do not expect the device to navigate around all those sea of feet moving to and fro the kitchen.

In case you have an awkwardly shaped lawn, you might have to overcome some mowing challenges. In case you also want to mow two separate areas at once, you will have to set the boundary lines really well. However, it is recommended to select two different starting points and physically move this robotic mower to each point.

One of the best aspects of Worx Landroid is that it has been specially designed to improve and automate menial tasks. Once you get through the set up process, the device offers reliability and fairly high performance. Of course, it is not perfect, just like any other robotic lawn mower on the market. You will have to rescue it at some point and to set it back on track, but aside from that expect the device to last long in time and to run seamlessly, without making noise or posing any threat to your family.

Worx Landroid – Top Features

– Fully programmable for ease of use and maximum personalization

– 21 x 14 x 10 compact size for ease of carrying around

– Small LED that shows you the configuration and potential issues

– AIA technology that enables the device to make flawless cuts and to navigate in tight spaces

– Automatically returns to the starting point when it runs low on battery or when it starts raining outside

– Can tackle declines and inclines of up to 20 degrees

– It is equipped with advanced shock sensors in order to easily navigate around obstacles

What Are the Pros?

Robotic lawn mowerWorx Landroid is definitely not your everyday lawn mower. This pre-programmable, futuristic robot makes your life much easier by using the latest technology in the grass mowing industry. Here are some of the main aspects that make this device stand head and shoulders over other lawn mowers present on the market:

– You get everything included: the new Landroid is equipped with everything you need in order to keep your lawn perfectly manicured. The charging base plugs directly into your power outlet, being able to charge it in less than 45 minutes. Inside the package, you also find 590 feet of wire to set up your perimeter, 200 pegs, one installation measurement tool and 9 spare blades (3 sets of 3). If you use the mower once a month, you can keep a pair of blades for up to 3 years. This means over 10 years of continuous usage.

– AI technology: one of the biggest benefits of the Worx Landroid is the Bumper to Bumper technology which allows it to easily cover every single inch of your lawn. This advanced AI technology makes the device make minimal cuts in order to speed up the cutting process and maintain the health of your grass.

– Intuitive user-friendly control panel: the control panel includes the on, off and customization buttons, plus the LED that shows you the actual settings. The whole configuration process is much easier than the setup process and can be easily performed in less than 10 minutes.

– Multiple sensors: thanks to the wide range of sensors, your new robotic lawn mower can avoid obstacles, return back to the charging base in case of rain and shut down when someone lifts it off the ground or topples it. Moreover, the anti-theft system is perfectly designed to secure your investment against theft. To top it all, you can program the Landroid to beep whenever it accidentally leaves the perimeter. This way, you will rest assured that your best friend won’t leave the premises without letting you know.

– Quiet operation: another huge benefit that cannot go unnoticed is the low noise done by the device. Your mower is so quiet that you can run it day and night without being noticed. No more waking up your family and disturbing your neighbors.

– Powerful enough to climb: another benefit that sets the Worx Landroid robotic lawn mower in a special category of robots is its ability to climb hills of up to 20-degree inclines, which is quite a lot. Very few lawn mowers can do that, and do it well.

– Environmentally conscious: if you like living green and you care about the environment, then you will love the new Worx Landroid for sale. This device runs on a 28-V battery which can be completely recharged up to 10,000 times. No more pollution and gases thrown into the atmosphere

– Easy blade replacement: if you are mowing on a weekly basis and you have a big lawn, you might need to change your blades every year, or even more often. The good news is that replacing the blades is a breeze. All it takes is 5 minutes or less.

– Does its job: ultimately, it is vital to understand that the Worx Landroid device changes the way your lawn looks. It is something reassuring and calming to watch your new robotic lawn mower wheeling around your back yard, taking care of the extra grass that has grown overnight.

What are the Cons?

– Complicated to set up: you definitely need to follow a guide or some instructions in order to properly set up the perimeter

– Can’t avoid obstacles and navigate paths larger than 14 inches: this is clearly a disadvantage when compared to other lawn mowers that are thinner

Are There Any Worx Landroid Discounts or Sale?

Not long ago, the worx landroid robotic lawn mower used to cost over $1,100. Now you can find a worx landroid sale on Amazon and enjoy a discount of over 12%  plus get free shipping. Order it now.

What is the Final Verdict?

All in all, the new Worx Landroid 2017 is a beautiful robotic lawn mower and would be a great buy for you. You can get a special worx landroid discount by going on Amazon and getting it from there. Despite the obvious drawbacks and disadvantages, the Worx Landroid robotic lawn mower is an exceptional device that does a good job at keeping your lawns in great shape.

We recommend you to purchase this modern lawn mower and gain the peace of mind that your lawn is in good hands…or a good mower.

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  • I know some of the flaws might be a pain in the ass some times but for the price you’re paying, I think they should be tolerated and expected. This mower offers so much in return that really could change how your garden looks and how you go about your spare time. It really is a great peice of technology!

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