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Robomow RX12 Review

Robomow RX 12

If you own a beautiful home with a yard, then you will certainly know how hard it can be to maintain a beautifully manicured lawn. A yard full of over grown grass is sure to make your neighbors cringe so to avoid this embarrassment, why don’t you invest in a robotic lawn mower?

With this new gadget, cutting the grass doesn’t need to be such a hard chore on your list which is probably why you are in this page, to learn more about the Robomow RX 12­.  This brand new robotic lawn mower is NOW AVAILABLE at an introductory rate.  It is the smallest, most compact robotic lawn mower on the market.  We will let you know if this mower will win your heart or not.

Robomow RX 12 is the latest addition to many other wonderful innovations by the company called Robomow. This is their smallest robot ever designed in this field. With a lot of power packed features this is sure to make a great impression in the market. Best suited for garden areas of about 2000 sq.ft, the Robomow RX 12 is a time and cost effective option.

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Why Robomow RX 12?

There are plenty of grass mowers in the market, so why Robomow RX 12? The features and robust design speaks for itself. With the unique edging mode feature, it is the only robotic mower that stands out from the crowd. The heavy-duty steel blades are noteworthy too. Another great feature is the unique Smartphone app that makes it easy for anyone to control the Robomow RX 12.

The Robomow RX 12 certainly makes the job of mowing your yard effortlessly.  Not to mention the amount of time and energy you may have to spend if you are doing it all by yourself. Think of a situation where you have to hire a gardener. The price would come way beyond the cost of a Robomow RX 12.

How Does It Work?

Installing a Robomow RX 12 is quite easy when compared to the other models. It comes with everything you need so you don’t have to purchase anything additional supplies.  It comes with 250 pegs and a 600 feet of perimeter wire which is enough to cover a 2000 sqr ft yard. It also includes a base station for automatic charging and with water-tight wire connectors for splicing.  Also included is Roboruler for wire placement, and a DVD installation video.

To make the Robomow work efficiently in your yard, you would install the perimeter wire properly. A proper installation is very critical for the operation of the robot. You can either hire a professional to do this job or you can do it yourself.

There will be an instructions manual, but I want to still give you few tips on the installation process. First, it is always good to give your yard one good cut with a  mower. Once this is done, select a good place in your yard to store the Robomow.  This robomow also comes with an inbuilt theft protection system.

From this spot, you should lay the wire to set up the perimeter in your yard. You can also secure the wire firmly to the ground using the pegs provided. At first, the sight of the wire may not look so good, but eventually it will not be visible after a week, as the grass grows. The company also provides a measuring stick that clearly shows the distance the Robomow should be from spots like buildings and sidewalks.

Once the installation is done, you should connect the base station to the power supply. It takes about 24 hours for the Robomow to charge before it gets into action. What about the runtime? Well, normally a single charge can last up to 120 minutes. You should also understand that the real time may differ depending on the type of the grass. It states a cutting height of 0.5 – 1.7″ with a 7″ stainless steel cutting blade.

Now that the Robomow is all set up, you should just press the “Go” button for about 2 seconds. This will start the Robomow and you can just sit back and relax while the robot mows your yard. Normally, it moves in a random pattern. You may at once think if your kid’s remote control car when you see the Robomow RX 12 in action. With tiny wheels on the front and the blades fit in the back, you will never notice the work being done there.

Okay, so you have few flowers and trees in the middle of your lawn and now you are wondering how to protect them. Here comes the solution for that too. You can easily set up perimeter islands using the perimeter wires given. These are just places where the Robomow does not enter. You may have to set up the perimeter wires for obstacles that are rigid, vertical and are quite higher than 15 cm. for trees and other such obstacles you need not set up the perimeter wire as the Robomow will automatically sense them.

Lawn Care is Now a Game!

Yes, there is a smart app that works well with the Robomow RX 12 which makes mowing your lawn into a fun-filled game. The Robomow RX 12 is equipped with Bluetooth feature. The App is compatible with IOS and Android. All that you have to do is to set the Robomow RX 12 in automatic mode and the app will easily direct you about the work schedule of the robot. The app will also provide information about when the mow cycle will begin, how much work is over etc. You can also adjust the mowing settings using the app that makes it quite easy.

If you want to have some fun while the Robomow RX 12 is in action, you can use the app as a remote control to control the activities and movement of the Robomow.  However, you should make sure you stay near to the Robomow when using the app. Since it uses the Bluetooth technology, standing near to the robot makes it easier to reach it. Making features like the remote control in the app is only possible if you are in range with the mower.

What About Performance?

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When it comes to performance, I believe this model will lead the pack. Compared to the other models and robotic lawn mowers, Robomow RX 12 will be considered the cheap robot lawn mower with a lot of power packed features. Robomow is the best when it is set in the automatic mode. You would not need to do anything in this case.

Also if the area of the yard is below 2000 Sq ft then the entire lawn will be mowed in a single charge. However, this does not work out for places that are not maintained for a long time. For instance, if you are having a property that was not maintained for quite a while then you may have to think of hiring a professional mower in this case.

The Robomow RX 12 is built for places less than the aforementioned area. Also according to the company this lawnmower can slope up to 36%. The Robomow can mow in narrow spaces too. This is also the most compact robot ever designed. There are, however, many things that you should do. It is not that you can just sit and watch the Robomow do all the action. You may have to clean the equipment once in a month to keep it in good condition. This will not only gives it a long life, but also makes it durable.

Cleaning the Robomow should be done with precise care. With all the electronic stuff intertwined you should make sure not to touch or disturb anything. A damp cloth will do the job. You should also trim the areas that the Robomow does not mow. For instance, if there is a patch of grass near a perimeter island in your yard, you should do it yourself, since the Robomow would not have touched it.


Maintenance is another important thing to note. Sometimes, we tend to just ignore this part and after a while if the machine has some problems, you then become frustrated. That’s why to ensure a long term value of this robot, periodic maintenance is crucial. Always check the underside of the mower once in a month. Clean it if necessary. If there are any collected grass debris, then remove them carefully. In case of grass accumulation, you can easily remove them using a small stick. Cleaning and checking the base station is equally important. Check it there is any dirt and clean it properly. If there is any blockage in the base station, it will never allow proper docking of the mower.

In the winter, if you would like to store it away, make sure you charge it fully. Always switch it off and then store it indoors. There is no need to store the base station as it is built to withstand the snow.

Safety Features & Precautions

As a general rule of safety, it’s best to take extra caution when children are around this RX 12robotic lawn mower. In some cases, your lawn may be open to the street or your neighbors. In this case, make sure you are present when the Robomow is working. Alternatively, you can fence your yard to ensure safety.

There are many other things to note. Nevertheless to say, investigating the blade is crucial. Also check on the places where the Robomow is being used. Look out for stones, sticks or other such things that may affect the performance of the robot.

Safety features are something that many people want to know when buying a product like this. When it comes to a cheap robot lawn mower, many would think there will be lesser features when compared to other hi-fi models in the market. The robot mower price does not decide the features added to the machine. For instance, Robomow RX 12 is launching a discounted introductory pricing here.

  1. Child lock:

If you have “busy” children, then it is always better to turn on the “child lock” feature. Since the Robomow is fit with a lot of electronic panels it is always good to keep an eye on the safety. You can start the operation of the mower by pressing two buttons in the correct order.

  1. Disabling device:

This option will prevent unwanted usage of the machine when it is being removed. This is a highly recommended feature as it will prevent unwanted accidents.

  1. Lift sensor:

Once you lift the Robomow RX 12 from the ground while it is operating, the blade will automatically stop functioning. This is a notable feature that ensures Robomow RX 12 is quite safe to use especially if you have a naughty neighbor!

  1. Obstruction sensor:

The Robomow is designed in such a way, it senses the obstacles. When it comes across any hard object, the functioning of the blade will stop immediately and the robot will move backward and change its direction. Simply cool, isn’t it?

  1. Emergency stop button:

In case, you want to go out and stop the Robomow RX 12 from working, all that you have to do is to press the emergency stop button. The operation will be stopped until it is resumed. This makes it flexible for working moms!

  1. Anti- theft:

This option was not available in the earlier models. Keeping any device outdoors may not sound safe. Especially, when the Robomow price is taken into account. However, the Robomow RX 12

comes equipped with an anti-theft feature that gives you complete peace of mind. It is not possible to use the Robomowunless it is unlocked with the correct pin using the mobile device that is pre registered with the device. This is the option that we find quite stunning and brilliant.

The Robomow Smart App:

The Robomow app is a wonderful platform that helps you to connect with the Robomow. There are many features interlinked and it makes it very precise. It is all about interacting with the Robomow and it makes it quite easy to access the machine and work with it. There are three main features to understand. First, you can always stay updated with the mowing process. The time it started, where it is mowing now and the estimated time it would stop mowing.

The Robomow RX 12 works like a remote controlled toy, just a slightly higher end, with the app! In this case, it is not a toy, but a mower! You can send to mow, program how to mow and do many more with the app. A one touch solution for all such needs. In cases, where you find some small patches in one part of the lawn, you can easily navigate the mower using this feature. This is an outstanding feature as it relieves you of the pain of going there and doing it directly.

Servicing your Robomow RX 12 can be done in just a click. Book for a professional service, get your doubts cleared and so on with the app. Everything has become quite comfortable.

ProductRobomow RX12 Robomow RX 12
Worx LandroidWorx Landroid Robotic Lawn MowerRobomow RC306Robomow RC306 Robotic Lawn mower
Weight43 pounds36 pounds25.1 pounds
Product Dimensions20 x 16.5 x 10 inches 22 x 15 x 9.5 inches
24.8 x 18.1 x 8.3 inches
Coverage2,000 sq ft10,750 sq ft8,000 sq ft
Amazon ReviewsNEW3.7 out of 54.3 out of 5
Batteries1 Nonstandard Battery required1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included) 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Average Work Time90-120 minutesAt 1,100 sq ft, estimated mowing time is 3 hours.
At 10,750 sq ft, estimated time is 27 hours
60-73 minutes
Warranty1 year3 years1 year
Buy From AmazonBuy From AmazonBuy From Amazon

Overall Opinion:

Sidenote: This product has just hit the market so there are not many reviews available yet. However, I have seen this robot in action and I would rate it with 4.5 stars. The pros outnumber the cons in Robomow RX 12. I am really impressed with the mowing ability. Is it noisy? No, just a small humming sound. Another thing that impressed me is the weatherproof design. Though you may have to store the mower in winter, you can leave the base station as it is.

After putting in a lot of thought and research into this product, I came to a conclusion that this is the best one in the market. For those who consider lawn mowing a hard chore then this is good news. Right from installation till the bright features that struck me, this device is something that every household should have.

Buying the RX 12 is a real stress buster that will take away the hassle of lawn mowing from your hands, making it a fun way all the time. As said before, the app is a real buster. Its catchy features and connectivity to the device makes it all the more attractive. One of the biggest concerns that anyone would have is the durability of the robot. Since it is a robot that is meant to be outdoors, it is designed in such a way, it blends well with the temperature cringes. Hot or cold, it is capable of handling it! In many cases, this robot has proven to be sturdy even after withstanding rains for more than a week. Natural obstacles like wind, rains, dust and pollen do not bother this bot and it faces each with a “Grin”.

How do you rate it?

Okay so now I want to know what you think of the Robomow RX12. Once it becomes available, it will be introduced at a discounted rate which is a steal and would also cost less compared to hiring a gardener. Don’t you think so? Second, the power packed features as the company rightly advertised. Never in the market can you see a product with such performance capabilities and features, all in one!

Handling obstacles is a pretty feature to note. Even if your garden is filled with bumps, sticks, holes and the likes of them, the Robomow RX 12 easily recognizes them. Not many of the robotic mowers do this job. They either stay there or stop functioning. In this case, the Robomow RX 12 just turns around and starts in a new direction. I found it interesting. If you want to stop it all that you have to do is to send a command. The mower will find the perimeter wire and just follows it to reach the base station, just as a pet goes to its kennel. A simple and a cute pet, which helps you with the mowing process!

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