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101 Guide: Buying a Robotic Lawn Mower

Robotic lawn mower

Robotic lawn mowers are the next big trend in the lawn mowing industry. People from all around the world can use these beautifully-designed devices to cut their lawns without even lifting a finger. With a simple setup and a proper border wire in place, your new robotic lawn mower in 2017 can help you save more precious time with this menial task. In other words, you only have to spend a few minutes each week maintaining your lawn.

If you are here looking for the best mower reviews, you have landed on the right page. If you are looking to buy a new lawn robot but you need information on a robot mower price, you have also reached the right destination. Are robotic lawn mowers any good? What are the best auto mowers? In this 101 guide on buying a robotic lawn mower we will tackle everything, from benefits of buying one of these devices to tips on how to choose the right model for you, and everything in between.

What Does a Robotic Lawn Mower Actually Do?

In essence, a robotic lawn mower is capable of automatically mowing your lawn without any human supervision. Although remote lawn mowers have been around for many years, it wasn’t until the late 2000’s that they were able to do what they were marketed for. A few years later, the first robotic lawn mowers started to show up, taking both residential and commercial consumers by surprise.

Thanks to the advancements in technology and the innovation in machinery, your dreams of relaxing in the hammock instead of mowing your lawn can become reality. By buying a robot lawn mower no perimeter wire, you can literally spend your mowing time doing something else, while your new gadget will do all the work in your place.

Unlike traditional lawn mowers, a robotic device has no issues mowing your lawn during hot summer days. Even rainy days have been taken care of, as most robots are equipped with rain sensors which make them automatically return to base whenever the rain starts. Being equipped with the right features and systems, these mini robots can meet your basic lawn maintenance needs and even exceed your expectations.

Why Buying a Robotic Lawn Mower?

There are literally hundreds of unique reasons as to why it is a wise decision to invest up to $1,000 or more in a robotic lawn mower. However, the main benefits you can enjoy include safety, affordability personalization and time saving. Robotic lawn mowers cut with astounding precision and can easily follow a predetermined path every single time.

Most of these devices are equipped with multiple sensors which allows them to avoid obstacles and navigate tight paths. They cut with precision, giving you the peace of mind that you won’t have to rake remaining clippings afterwards. In the end, these clippings left behind can even fertilize your soil. Moreover, they add both valuable nutrients and moisture back to the soil, promoting healthy grass growth and making your lawn look much better.

Ultimately, robotic lawn mowers last more in time due to their high-quality construction, are more durable to accidents and are equipped with a multitude of features such as automatic turn-off when lifted off the ground and auto-shut when touching a human. All of these features make robotic lawn mowers indispensable for lawn owners in 2017.

Robotic lawn mowers are not just great for small or medium-sized lawns. For huge fields and extended lawns, cutting your own lawn can take precious hours of your time each week, while hiring a contractor to do the job could break your bank. Conversely, an autonomous lawn mower can help you save both time and money, giving you the convenience to spend your time doing other important tasks.

What Qualities to Look for in a Robotic Lawn Mower?

Of course, now that you have made up your mind to capitalize on the benefits of these unique devices, it is important to know how to properly select the right robotic lawn mower for your needs. Here are some aspects to consider:

1. The working area: realize that lawn mowers are different, each model being specially designed to cover a specific area. For instance, while Robomow RS630 and LawnBot Spyder EVOcan cover a wider radius due to the extended battery and the extensive blade width, smaller lawn mowers such as Husqvarna 315 and Robomow RX12 can only manage less than 5,000 feet of lawn.

Before buying a robotic lawn mower, ensure that you properly manage your lawn area and then buy a product that can cover the entire area, plus at least 10% more. As a general rule of thumb, larger robotic lawn mowers cover larger areas. However, always get informed about the acreage covered before buying a robotic lawn mower.

2. Your garden complexity: in addition to considering the size of your lawn when looking to buy a lawn mower, you also need to take into account the shape and the overall level of complexity of your garden. Does your garden have irregular shapes, narrow passages or multiple obstacles? You need to ensure that your new lawn mower can handle odd-shaped blocks of grass and easily maneuver around trees, pools, flowerbeds, playground equipment, letterboxes and poles.

3. Flat ground or hills: not all robotic lawn mowers have been made to climb steep slopes or descend at degrees of more than 20%. Whether your lawn is flat or hilly plays a crucial role in how your select your new robotic lawn mower. For instance, the Robomow RX12 that will be released in March 2017 will be able to operate on slopes of up to 15 degrees.

4. Weight: the weight of your lawn mower is also very important and an aspect that should not be disregarded. A heavy mower, in addition to being harder to carry around and to transport in the car, might leave visible track marks on your lawn, especially when performing its job in humid conditions. On the other hand, a smaller and lighter device can easily be carried around and does not come with the inconvenience of leaving marks on your lawn. That is why the new Robomow RX12 is the best robotic lawn mower you can purchase in the first trimester of 2017.

5. Blade type: not going too much into technicalities, you need to know that there are two main types of blade types for robotic lawn mowers: fixed and pivoting. While fixed blades may run the risk of getting stuck into objects and obstacles, pivoting blade systems move around hard objects and obstacles. Of course, mowers with pivoting blades are more expensive, but they are also better for lawns with many obstacles and potential objects.

In case your fixed-blade lawn mower gets stuck, you need to go, flip it around and manually restart it. Make sure you consider the time/cost investment and take into account your type of lawn before selecting a certain blade type.

6. Noise: a very important criterion that could come crucial for your sanity in the next months and years is the noise level of your new mower. Obviously, you can easily program the device to mow your lawn during the day when you are out of your home, at work, shopping or at the gym. However, sometimes you might need the lawn ready for the next day, and so you need to let the mower work during the night. In this case, you don’t want the device to wake up all of your family members and neighbors.

A good robotic lawn mower such as Robomow RX12 should be extremely quiet, with a reduced level of noise even after one hour of trimming the grass.

7. Performance: when it comes to performance, robotic lawn mowers are again different. While cheaper models can only run for one hour and a half before needing to be charged, more expensive ones can run for up to 6-7 hours before going flat. It all depends on your unique needs and the lawn size. Again, while some robots can do a great job mowing your lawn once, others need to do the same job two or even three times in order for you to get a perfectly manicured lawn.

8. Multizone: if you have two separate grass areas, it is wise to buy a lawn mower that can travel automatically to separate areas and cut the grass. A device with multizone capability can be set up to travel to another zone after it has finished mowing the first area. This is normally a feature needed for corporate clients, but you can also use it if you have two or more lawns.

9. Features: ultimately, you need to take into consideration the features and benefits offered by the robotic lawn mower you want to purchase. While high-end robotic lawn mowers can detect how quickly your grass is growing and can automatically adjust their schedules in order to cut the grass on autopilot, standard models are fitted with rain sensors, shut-off functions and accidental flip stop.

You can also find features such as anti-theft alarm, GPS sensors, PIN code, sensor to avoid obstacles, incline mowing feature and eco friendliness.

Bonus – Price range: in addition to the 9 tips listed above, we also consider that the price of a device is important in making the final choice. As a rule of thumb, a good robotic lawn mower can be purchased with over $700. The new Robomow RX12 that will be released in March 2017 is the exception from this rule.

Top Robotic Lawn Mowers in 2017

Below we have selected the top lawn mowers available on the market in 2017. While some of them, such as Robomow RX12, have not been released yet, others are present on the market for two years now and continue to be considered high quality.

Without any further ado, here is the list of the best robotic lawn mowers of 2017.

Robomox RX12:

Robomow RX 12

Check out my review of the Robomow RX 12.  Released in March of 2017, this mower has already sent ripples all across the lawn mowing industry. As the newest and most advanced version of Robomow RM510, RS 620 ad RS630, this beautiful robot is sleek, efficient and very powerful. Also known as the “friendliest” robot in the US robotic lawn mower market, Robomox RX12 comes with absolutely everything you need in order to maintain your lawn. Add to that the fact that it can climb up to 15 percent inclines and is powered by a unique lead acid lead battery.

Husqvarna 315:

HusqvarnaThis is a fan favorite and a good contender for the 1st position of the best robotic lawn mowers available today. As a company with more than 3 centuries of experience, Husqvarna comes from their background of weapon manufacturing back in 1685 to creating advanced lawn mowers and chainsaws that never fail. 315 is the cheapest robotic lawn mower from this reputable company. Expect this beautifully-designed device to handle slopes of 40 degrees, use spot mowing technology and offer excellent cutting results.

Worx Landroid WG794:

Worx Landroid

Check out my review of the Worx Landroid.  This is another great brand to take into consideration, Worx has managed to design some of the most purchased lawn mowers on Amazon. This model is the easiest lawn mower to set up and is equipped with a plethora of cool features that give it an unfair advantage over the competition. The most notable features are state or art sensors (anti-theft, rain, shut down, obstacle, battery level), ease to control & set up, personalization, auto-return to base and quiet operation.

LawnBott SpyderEvo: Lawnbott

This beast is definitely the most interesting robotic lawn mower available on the market in 2017, and one of the most appreciated. Despite its weight and solid frame, this spider-type robot can manage up to 10,000 square feet. This eco-friendly lawn mower runs entirely on electric power and is fully equipped to do its job extremely good.

Robomow RC306

Robomow RC306 Robotic Lawn mower

Check out my review of the Robomow RC 306 here.  This is one of the best robotic lawnmowers I have seen.  Priced more on the higher end in comparison of other robotic lawn mowers, I believe it is worth it.


Now you are well equipped with all the information you need in order to take a well informed decision when buying your new robotic lawn mower in 2017. Consider all the areas mentioned above. Click here if you are considering pre-ordering the Robomow RX12 in order to save money and get the best deal for your buy.

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