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Cubetto News– A Fun Way to Teach Kids the World of Coding

You’ve probably heard about the term STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math. There are many STEM products and toys on the market that are trying to encourage kids to dive into the science and technology fields. However, none of them come close to the latest device that has hit the market – Cubetto.

Cubetto is a wooden cube containing a playset of blocks, boards, maps and story books. This whole concept has been perfectly tuned to the needs of kids of 3+ years old who love to experience new things and dive into the world of coding. Most likely they won’t even realize at that young age that Cubetto is great for them. However, parents from all over the world are realizing the powerful benefits of their child learning how to code.

What Is Cubetto?

This AI-enabled robot guides kids through the daunting process of coding. Utilizing blocks that need to be placed in a certain sequence, using functions and leveraging the maps and story books available. Cubetto can keep your kids entertained for hours. This Montessori-approved toy can teach kids the basics of computer coding. It’s a great way to open up their minds to the vast world of programming.

The components of the Cubetto playset include the smiley-face wooden robot, coding blocks, control board, maps and the books. Your child must follow the robot’s instructions and place the blocks on the control board to execute certain sequences. The educational books and world maps come are a huge plus. They take your child into epic adventures and make the learning process fun.

Of course, your child can also learn how to code his/her own functions and play with the coding blocks. This whole process boosts their creativity and enables them to learn some first-hand coding, while at the same time enhancing his self-confidence and level of accomplishment.

Everyone Is Loving Cubetto

As a project of Primo Toys, Cubetto has already revolutionized the toys industry. With over 6,500 backers, this startup has managed to raise a whopping $1.5 million.

Cubetto enjoys huge support from many educators and tutors from all around the world. Hundreds of them have leveraged the early-bird offer, investing in this Kickstarter project just to get their hands on the first few Cubettos that would hit the market. This robot has also been featured massively in the press, on sites of reputable publications such as Huffington Post, CNN, The Guardian and The New York Times, to name just a few.

There is no doubt that Cubetto is poised to change the face of the toy industry. This friendly wooden robot has been welcomed enthusiastically by numerous communities and praised extensively in the media for its capacity to help kids become not just technology consumers, but creators. Buy Cubetto now and you will invest in the future of your children.

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