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Robomow Rc306 Robotic Lawn Mower- Is It Worth It?

Robomow RC306 Robotic Lawn mowerUpdate 5/16/2021 : The Robomow RC306 is no longer available. As an alternative, I recommend checking out the Robomow RS630. Click here!

If you are looking for a highly efficient, discrete little companion that can mow your lawn automatically while protecting your family, you should look no further. The Robomow RC306 is exactly what you need. Perfectly designed for large lawns of up to 6,400 square feet, this modern device takes advantage of the latest advancements in technology in order to provide its users an astounding experience.

In this Robomow RC306 review you will discover how rc 306’s features are able to make your life easier, what are the main reasons why you should purchase this device and where to buy Robomow RC306 from. You will also find out why people have given the new rc 306 such generous ratings and discover if this lawn mower is the right choice for your needs.

Robomow Rc306 – Ratings & Reviews

The new Robomow Rc306 is one of the highest rated lawn mowers available on the market. On Amazon, this beautiful device has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. On other sites such as or, its ratings vary from 4.3 stars to 4.5 stars.

This fully automatic lawn mower benefits of great reviews among consumers. Most of them are extremely happy about the robot’s capacity to mow the lawn without making any noise whatsoever. They also appreciate the design and the light construction which make it extremely versatile for lawns with multiple obstacles and slopes.

Coming with everything included in the original package, the Rc306 is extremely easy to set up and does a flawless job at mowing multiple of areas. Of course, sometimes the device might overheat and get stuck, but all of that happens due to errors from the factory. Over 99,9% of these devices work flawlessly and do not need to be send back for warranty. In case you buy Rc306 Robomow and you find yourself in a situation to send the device back, do not be worried – everything will be taken care of within one year. You will get a new product or the same back, fully repaired and functional.

I recommend that buy the Rc306 on Amazon and include a 3-year extra protection or a 4-year one for an extra fee. It would be wise to spend the extra money for another 3 years of protection. This way you will get the peace of mind that the device will last long in time, and you will be able to use it for many years to come without having to pay it from your own pocket if it breaks.

Without any further ado, let’s see who can benefit from this beautiful automatic lawn mower.

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Who Should Buy the Robomow Rc306 Lawn Mower?

– People who are not afraid of the new “robotic” movement and who can distinguish between AI (Artificial intelligence) and a machinery programmed to mow a lawn

– Both homeowners and small business owners who want to save time and never worry about mowing their lawns ever again

– People who want to reap the benefits of an automatic lawn mower

– Anyone who wants to get the peace of mind that their families are safe and their lawn mower will not hurt anyone

– People who realize that a huge initial investment will pay off by itself in time

Design and Overall Appearance

By now you have probably realized that you and most of your neighbors are part of the list above. You all want to surrender your beautiful lawn to a clever robot eager to mow the grass. Of course, you want to let the robot do the grunt work while you relax with your family by the pool or do something meaningful with your children. However, you do want to have a good-looking robot doing your job. In the end, it is important to make a good impression to your visitors and your guests that have been invited to the backyard party.

When it comes to appearances, Robomow Rc306 can definitely make a great positive statement. This robot has a futuristic appeal, with smooth lines and beautiful curves, all complemented by a neutral black/dark green color choice. In addition to being equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a wide variety of functions, Rc306 looks gorgeous and can perfectly blend in with your lawn.

This device is highly versatile and can be easily transported from one place to another. The power wheels provide increased traction and better mowing on slopes and hills. The external docking station looks great by itself and can easily go unnoticed by people around.

If you want to enjoy a robot that can seamlessly integrate with your lawn and when noticed can create a good impression, then the Rc306 robotic lawn mower should be the right one for you to purchase.

What’s in the Box?

When you take the Rc306 out of the box, you notice that inside you can find everything you need in order toRobowm RC306 Parts set up the perimeter and start using your new lawn mower. In addition to the actual robot and the charging station, you find a 600ft perimeter wire, the stakes of the base station, 250 pegs, two wire connectors, the power box plus the mounting kit, a plot connector, an extension cable and even a robo ruler. Add to that the safety manual, the instructions manual and a DVD with setup instructions.

As you can notice, the box contains more than enough tools, devices and information to install the perimeter and setup the device. The wireless remote control included can be used to drive the device and program it ad-hoc. You can also use the Robomow smartphone app for Android or iOS in order to personalize the settings and choose whether the device should mow or return to base. You can literally control its movements from the comfort of your couch, while watching TV or playing a game with your kids.

Features & Benefits- What Do They Really Mean for You

Robomow RC306 robotic lawn mower is definitely a beast of a machine that can exceed the wildest expectations. Now that you know how appealing to the eye and well-built this device is, it is time to move forward and study its features.

1. Can easily handle multiple zones: this is probably one of the best features and benefits of this advanced lawn mower. This unique feature was able to impress thousands of customers whose gardens have different lengths and types of grass cut. Many similar lawn mowers are unable to handle multiple zones and will get stuck if the grass is too high or has grown uneven.

The Robomow can mow three unique zones automatically, without your intervention. It can travel to other areas of your lawn based on the wiring and do an excellent job. Check out the image below that shows how this feature actually works.

RC306 Diagram

All you need to do in order to enjoy this feature is to set up the device in the beginning. After that, rest assured that your entire lawn will enjoy a perfect trim.

2. External docking: the docking platform can be placed securely outside of the mowing area. Once you set up a trajectory, your robot will automatically come back to the deck. You can either use the app or the remote to set up the route. The external docking station is very helpful, as you gain the peace of mind that your robot is safe from potential dangers on the lawn.

More practically, you can go and play on the lawn without being worried that the mower is accidentally still there. When it runs out of battery or it finishes mowing, it will always return back to the docking station. That is definitely very convenient.

3. Advanced rain sensors: if you live in a humid area with frequent rains, then this feature will make your day better. As we’ve said before, the main benefit of this device is that it requires no human supervision. While many robotic lawn mowers are still unequipped with rain sensors and require your personal assistance to get out of harm’s way, Robomow RC306 is capable of sensing rain and get to the safehouse before it is too late. This function works flawlessly, so you can let it do its job even when you are on vacation.

4. Complete control: to make it even more interesting, the manufacturers have enabled the Robomow RC306 to automatically send emails and sms notifications when an action has been triggered. Some common actions include: start mowing, stop mowing, rain alert, device stuck or device requiring assistance. The last two actions are not that frequent.

5. Huge coverage: this is yet another great benefit of this new lawn mower. Being able to mow up to 6,400 square feet, you can rest assured that your lawn will be well taken care of. Its strong motor and 11 inch stainless steel cut blades make it a true force to be reckoned. The robust design and streamlined design make it literally glide over the grass and perform precision cuts every millisecond.

6. Can cut any type of grass: many other lawn mowers can’t cut St. Augustine grass. Not the Rc306 model. This device can successfully tackle any type of grass due to its high cut mowing blade and three-star cutting blade attached to the motor. Of course, if you want to enjoy flawless results cutting St. Augustine grass, you can purchase the high-cut RC306 model.

7. Blade height is easy to adjust: a great personalization option is that you can adjust the height of the blade from 1.25 up to 3.25 inches. You can also purchase low cut blades if you want to cut as low as 0.8 inches. In order to adjust the height, simply lift the cover of the device and then turn the knob. It’s that simple!

8. Smart mowing: another highly-advanced feature of the Robomow RC306 lawn mower is its capacity to make U turns when it reaches the fencing, or the end of the perimeter. This way, it can mow your entire lawn without going backwards or stopping. This drastically reduces any potential “stuck in place” events, increasing the lifespan of your robotic mower and minimizing the risk of potential accidents.

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In addition to that, the mower can detect all the lanes previously mowed, so it will be able to mow the rest of your lawn without going twice over the same surface and leave patches.

9. The edge mode: what really sets this device apart from other similar robotic lawn mowers is its capacity to learn the exact dimensions of your perimeter, get accustomed to the zones and discover what unmovable obstacles it needs to avoid. To top it all, the edge mode allows it to mow all edges of your lawn in a precise manner. This will make your lawn look just perfect.

10. Quiet: the Robomow RC306 is a quiet-operation robotic lawn mower. You can barely hear it mowing when standing at 20 feet from it. When you are in your home, you hear nothing. This makes the Rc360 lawn mower the best robot for operating at night. You will have no problems whatsoever with your neighbors or family members, as no one will ever know that your best friend, the RC360, is doing its job.

11. Anti-theft alarm and child lock: the security features are definitely present for RC306. The child lock prevents children from stopping the machine or from other people accessing it. The anti-theft alarm is extremely effective, and will do its job whenever someone tries to lift the device. Additionally, you can set up a 4-digit PIN. The mower will not operate until the pin is entered.

Final Verdict

Compared to other robotic lawn mowers, the RC306 is on the higher side of cost but it is also one of the best lawn mowers available at the moment on the market. With a plethora of features and a multitude of benefits, this beautiful lawn mower can mow slopes or up to 35 degrees, can manage up to three zones and best of all do all that silently. Do not hesitate to buy it and take advantage of the hottest robotic lawn mower of the moment.

Robomow RC306 Robotic Lawn mowerUpdate 5/16/2021 : The Robomow RC306 is no longer available. As an alternative, I recommend checking out the Robomow RS630. Click here!

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