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Nest Learning Smart Thermostat 2nd Generation Review

Nest 2nd generation

Nest 2 is probably the most famous smart thermostat of our times. Being known as the superior version of the Honeywell Wifi Smart Thermostat rth9580wf, the Nest Learning Thermostat 2nd Generation is a device that can easily exceed your expectations. If you’ve heard about this gadget before but you were not able to read a proper nest learning thermostat review, then you have landed on the right page.

Nest 2.0 is able to program itself automatically in order to pay for itself in the long run by drastically reducing energy usage. Keep reading this review to understand how the Nest Gen 2 actually works and discover how you can take advantage of its features.

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General Overview

The Nest Learning thermostat is an advanced device that is equipped with an intelligent computer that can actually “learn” from your home, your habits and the overall environmental changes. The end goal of this process is to make your life easier and to help you save energy.

According to several independent studies, this thermostat has helped homeowners save an average of 12% on heating costs on a yearly basis and over 15% in cooling costs. Based on the average heating and cooling costs, the Nest learning thermostat 2nd generation pays off by itself in less than two years.

It is well known that your thermostat controls up to 50% of your home energy bill, which is more than appliances, electronics, TVs, computers, laptops and stereos combined. Most of that precious energy is wasted on cooling or heating an empty home. Of course, most people already have programmable thermostats, but they do not use all of their functions because programming a thermostat is such a daunting task. To make things simpler, Nest comes with an intelligent computer that programs itself automatically.

Recently purchased by Google, the company behind Nest 2.0 is quickly becoming a leader in home automation systems. Nest 2.0 is one of the best devices for environmental control and for smarter homes. This is not even the last version. Nest 3.0 has recently hit the market, coming with high-end features and benefits. However, for this review we will stick with the 2.0 model.

This thermostat simplifies your home management, taking the climate control in your house to the next level. It easily adapts to your lifestyle, offering great connectivity to mobile devices and to autonomous AI platforms such as Amazon Alexa.


Once you take this device out of the box, you can’t but be pleasantly surprised by the sleek, modern design. The mastermind behind the beautiful design of the Nest 2.0 is no other but the creator of the iPhone and iPad’s design, Tony Fadell. You can definitely notice its resemblance with Apple’s products.

nest wifi thermostatThe finish reflects the wall behind it, which makes the device highly conceivable. Nest 2.0 can easily adapt to your wall and blend seamlessly with your home décor. Moreover, thanks to the extra large mounting boards, it ensures that you have no ugly holes in your home. There are no residual holes to deal with, which makes the whole usage experience of the device much better.

The centerpiece is the actual thermostat: a cylindrical aluminum round unit with exceptional color display and gorgeous lines. The finish around the centerpiece is made of aluminum. The apple DNA is pretty strong in the design of this device. However, the exterior is not the only one with the substance. The interior is also very interesting, but we’ll get into that later on.

The Nest 2nd generation gadget houses a wide variety of interesting programs and software. It also includes two wireless receivers. The first one is used to connect to the heat link, which is the boiler. The second one connects straight to the router and by extension to the network. Thanks to the multiple communication paths, the entire heating or cooling process becomes much easier to understand and control.

For its superior design, high-quality materials and innovation, nest 2 deserves no less than 5 stars out of 5.

Setting Up

The Nest 2nd Generation has managed to become one of the most stylish thermostats available, but does that make it truly easy to use and set up? Amazingly, yes! One of the aspects that make the Nest thermostat second generation stand out of the crowd and beat all of its competitors is the setup procedure. Not just DIYers would be thrilled to take the installation project on their hands, but also newbies would like to try installing it.

Do not be afraid. You can always use the home installation service offered as an addition by the mother company. However, do not stay away from spending a few great hours or minutes (if you are really quick) installing this device together with your kids. You can follow the manual to ensure that the installation procedure is respected to the T. Additionally, you can search online for videos and watch how to install it step-by-step.

For its ease of setting up, we award the nest remote thermostat 5 stars.

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Hardware & Software

The Nest 2.0 has a unique brain behind an innovative design and powerful hardware components. After you install it by matching the wires, the device will automatically ask you for the initial setup information. There is no need to go through burdensome installation guides. The hardware includes a proximity sensor, the actual thermostat and two wireless receivers.

On the other hand, the software includes a multitude of components. The first and most important one is the auto scheduling program/computer. Thanks to its intelligence, the computer learns from your daily activities and from external factors how to predict the ideal temperature in your home. After the first week, nest 2nd generation will have already created a profile. It then continues to improve the profile, so after a full year it will know exactly how to cool down or heat your home.

The device senses when no one is home due to its proximity sensor and automatically turns down the heat or the air conditioning. Moreover, the device comes with a totally unique feature, called “time to temp”. The heating or cooling will run for exactly as you need them to. No more guesswork here. You don’t need to estimate how long it will take to heat or cool your room. The device will be able to do that after just a week. After a year, it will do that perfectly.

What are the Pros?

Nest learning thermostat 2nd generation is a very high quality device that comes with some nest smart thermostat unique features and options. Here are some of the features of this modern thermostat together with an explanation on how each one of them can benefit you.

– Can be accessed from anywhere: as a WiFi device, you can access Nest 2.0 from anywhere. You can install the Nest app on every one of your devices and then set the temperature, change the schedule, or even check the energy history while on the go. In case you left on vacation, this function becomes vital, as you can turn off the heat in case you left it open. You can keep tabs on the temperature inside your home from any corner of the globe, with the condition to be connected to the Internet.

The great news is that Nest learning thermostat, 2nd generation, works perfectly with Amazon Alexa. After you install the provided app, Nest can automatically connect with Amazon Echo, so you can control it by talking to your personal assistant. You can change settings, turn the temperature up or down, turn the device on and off, and even ask for the latest savings reports.

– Enjoy the leaf: the “leaf” is your personal money saver. This tool monitors the surrounding environment and calculates how much energy you are actually saving. This way, you will be able to notice the amount of money you are saving by using the Nest 2nd generation smart thermostat. The leaf shows you the energy savings you had in the previous 10 days. Remember, the more you know, the more informed you are on how to save more in the future.

– Controls 4 stages of heating, 2 unique stages of cooling, humidification, dehumidification and dual fuel systems.

– Airwave: the airwave feature is another unique functionality that no other thermostat has. Airwaves runs automatically when the humidity is at low levels, ensuring that you stay cool and that the energy savings are maximized. The whole process has been designed by the engineers from Nest together with Google, being one of the most innovative of the moment.

– Works with over 95% of systems and appliances: Nest 2nd generation, can easily work with any low-voltage cooling and heating systems, including force air, gas, electric, radiant, heat pump, oil, solar, hot water and even geothermal. The Nest thermostat compatibility is simply astounding, when compared to most other thermostats that are compatible with less heating systems.

Before purchasing this device, make sure it is compatible with your heating or cooling system.

– Auto-away: because it is pointless to heat or cool an empty home, Nest learning thermostat 2nd generation will automatically adjust the temperature to maximize temperature savings when the last person in the house has left. This feature is exceptionally useful, giving you the peace of mind that you are not throwing money out of the window. Additionally, it takes the stress and worry off your shoulders. You get to have more time for more important tasks and you never have to worry again about AC systems that have been left to run by themselves.

– Made by the best: Nest devices are backed and owned by Google, which is one of the most innovative companies in the world. The investment, both in finances and in R & D, is quite big. There are tens of clever minds who are constantly looking for aspects to improve about this device.

What are the Cons?

– Might malfunction: as a device packed with sensors, know that sometimes Nest 2.0 might go haywire. The sensors might stop working correctly and it might not detect when everyone has left the house. Most people who gave a 1-star review complained about this problem.

– Is prone to hackers: just like any other device that is connected to the Internet, Nest 2.0 is hackable to a certain degree. Of course, the degree of damage that can be done by hacking this device is minimal.

Where to Buy Nest Thermostat?

Nest Gen 2If you are thinking of buying the Nest learning thermostat 2nd generation, the good news is that you have a wide variety of options. In addition to Amazon, where you can purchase the cheap nest thermostat, you can also buy nest thermostat on the official website,, and on other ecommerce stores like,,, or Google’s store.

By buying online you can get huge nest thermostat savings, of up to 25%. Keep your eyes open for nest thermostat deals and you will able to purchase your favorite thermostat at a very good price. At the moment, on Amazon the nest thermostat discount is of 12%. You can save $30 and get free shipping on top. On ebay, you can find the Nest thermostat for sale for less than $200. Study more deals and pick the one most suitable for your budget and needs.

For the multitude of buying options and great deals, we award the Nest 2nd generation another 5 stars.

What is the Final Verdict?

Nest 3.0 was recently launched, but it doesn’t come with major improvements over the previous model. The interface is bigger and the information is clearer. Moreover, the new device includes the FarSight technology that enables it to detect human activity at a longer distance. However, the second generation is still preferred, not just because of its affordability, but because of its fame among consumers.

The Nest learning thermostat 2nd generation is undoubtedly one of the most intuitive and attractive smart thermostats available today on the market. The design is great, the features are useful and the energy savings are real. We proudly give it 5 stars out of 5, with the mention that sometimes it might have some software issues.

Nest 2.0 is one of the market leaders, pushing the smart thermostat niche forward. Buy it today and you won’t regret your decision.

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