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Discover the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pool Cleaner- Is It the One for You?

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Cleaning your pool by yourself is definitely not an easy task. On the other hand, hiring a company to clean your pool could be extremely costly. You are left with one option that is both cost effective and time efficient. You can invest your money in buying a pool cleaner. Because not every pool cleaner is created equal, you need to conduct a thorough evaluation to determine which pool cleaning device is the right one for you. At this point, we recommend you to try the Polaris 360 automatic Pool cleaner.

In the following Polaris 360 review I will go deep into the features, characteristics and benefits of this unique product. Staying head and shoulders above other similar pool cleaners, it is easy to discover why the Polaris 360 pool sweep is one of the highest rated pressure side pool cleaners available today.

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Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Overview

Polaris 360 cleaner has one of the best rating available online for a pressure side pool cleaner. On Amazon, Polaris 360 pool sweep has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. The Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900, its older brother, has a rating of only 4 stars. Moreover, the latter costs’ are significantly more.

Needless to say, Polaris 360 automatic pool cleaner outclasses its competitors too. Operating in all types of in-ground pools, this machine is equipped with the advanced all-wheel drive function, triple jets advanced feature and in-line back-up valve.

Zodiac, the company behind the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 model, has been around for over a century. Being first registered back in 1909, the company has been an important part of both World Wars, designing inflatable boats, nautical equipment and even torpedo carriers. Their extended experience translated into quality products, innovation and creativity.

Due to its top features, incredible benefits and because of the reputable company that stands behind it, the Polaris 360 pool cleaner might be the perfect buy for you. However, before taking a final decision, read the following information to discover more about this device.

Who is the Polaris 360 For?

This Polaris pool cleaner is not your regular automatic pool cleaner. This is actually a hybrid pool cleaner. If you want to get the benefits of a pressure side pool cleaner but pay money for a suction side cleaner, then the 360 is your obvious choice. If you are concerned about your pump’s filtration system and you do not want to damage it accidentally by pushing large amounts of debris through it, then again Polaris 360 is the best pool cleaner for you. This device uses its own bag to collect debris.

Polaris tr36p 360 is also a great choice for users who want to leverage the power of the ultimate cleaning technology and triple jets. To get a general idea of what customers think of this device, you can go straight on Amazon and read some actual reviews here.

Setting up

One of the best things about Polaris 360 is that it does not need to connect to your pool filtration system. All you need is a dedicated pressure line. Once you take the product out of the box, you will notice that there are multiple parts inside, compared to the average suction and robotic pool cleaners. However, once you follow the setting up process, things become much clearer, and you notice that each part falls into its rightful place.

Ensure that your dedicated pressure line has an inch fitting, or larger. Next, flush out the return line by turning the pump on for about a minute. Install the universal wall fitting by disconnecting it and screwing it on the fitting. Reattach the quick disconnect by inserting it in the universal wall fitting, then turn it clockwise and pull.

The next step involves adjusting the hose length to fit the pool. Connect the hose to the return line and make sure it is long enough to reach the farthest corner of your pool. You can either cut the hose if it is too long or buy some extra length from the local store. Ultimately, attach the bag cleaner to the hose using the pressure disks and fittings included in the box.

Once again, all of the above instructions can be found in the instruction manual. You can also search on YouTube for installation videos to make it easier for you to install your new pool cleaner. All in all, the installation process is pretty simple and straightforward.

For its easy to set up process, I consider that Polaris 360 deserves a 5-star rating.

How Does it Work?

Polaris 360, also known as the Ray Vac Pool Cleaner, uses pressure instead of suction. This modern device uses a Venturi Effect to make sure your pool is sparkling clean.

The device attaches to your pool’s circulation system. The clean water is used to clean your pool thoroughly, while the debris is captured in special bags. The moment the debris bag is full, the cleaner will still work, distributing clean water throughout your pool. However, it will stop collecting debris.

Polaris 360 vs Polaris 280

polaris 280 pool cleanerPolaris 280 is another famous pressure pool cleaner with a great rating online. The major difference between these two models is that the 360 is equipped with three jet nozzles. Polaris 380 is another similar model driven by triple jets, but more expensive that Polaris 360.

Out of all the Polaris models, 360 is probably the best from a cost-per-value perspective. Nevertheless, all Polaris pool cleaners are exceptionally well built and have the potential to last long in time and clean your pool over and over again.

Polaris 280

Cleaning Ability

Polaris 360 can easily handle any type of debris. However, it specializes in medium and large debris. Most robotic pool cleaners are perfect for collecting small debris. Conversely, suction or pressure pool cleaners are exceptional at ridding your pool of those big chunks of debris that lie on the bottom, including sticks, leaves or even rocks.

Due to the extra pressure, you get a much more powerful suction that what regular pressure cleaners can offer. Even though it may not be specialized in small debris, Polaris 360 is very effective at capturing most of the dirt and sand. The triple jet advanced technology is quite useful for small particles too. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that medium and large debris is as good as gone with this Polaris pool cleaner.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 is a pressure side pool cleaner that has enough power and precision to clean away algae for good. In the end, this pool cleaner may not be able to get every spec of dirt or grain of sand in your pool, but you can rest assured that medium and large debris is removed with utter perfection.

This device is perfect for pools of all sizes. All you need is an available pressure line. Whether your pool is made of fiberglass, vinyl or concrete, Polaris 360 can handle it exceptionally well. Because it uses intelligent cleaning paths, this pressure cleaner can clean even the deepest pools with ease. Just make sure the hose is long enough.

Another important aspect when it comes to the cleaning ability of the Polaris 360 is its capacity to clean the steps, awkward walls and sharp corners. Sometimes it might miss some spots, but nevertheless it is able to navigate through sharp corners and go around curves.

I have given this Polaris pool cleaner a 4-star rating for its cleaning capacity and 5 stars for its cleaning diversity. You will not find a pool cleaner able to clean so many types of pools and navigate so many pool designs.


Polaris 360 stands out of the crowd by coming with several unique features. Here are some of its most prominent features:

-This is a pressure-side pool cleaning robot that connects to your pool’s dedicated pressure line.

– Polaris 360 can work exceptionally well for all types of pools

– What sets it apart is the fact that it does not need a separate pump to function, which is the case of most pressure cleaners available on the market.

– The filter bag collects both medium and large debris.

– Thanks to the in-line back-up valve, the device will not get stuck in a corner, but find its way back and continue cleaning your pool.

– Functions as a water distributor inside your pool. In addition to cleaning your pool of debris, Polaris 360 can be used to distribute clean water or ionized water inside your pool.

– Enhanced filtration system to ensure the pump will never get clogged.

– You can select the Black Max model in order to match darker pools

– Powered by advanced cleaning technology and triple jets for superior cleaning.

Product Life

A typical pressure side cleaner lasts for up to 5 years, depending on the usage or how much effort you put into cleaning it. If you store it in a safe place and you keep the chemical balance inside the water at proper levels, and on top of it you use the device only a few times a month during hot summer months, it might last 7-8 years. Normally, Polaris 360 lasts between 3 and 6 years.

The debris bag might not last more than a couple of years, depending on the usage. However, other debris bags can last much longer. Overall, I believe that Polaris 360 deserves a rating of 4 stars out of 5 for product life.


As for warranty, nothing spectacular here. Polaris 360 comes with your standard 1 year warranty, which covers the core parts. Again 4 out of 5 stars for nothing special.


– Doesn’t require booster pump: unlike most other pressure cleaners, Polaris 360 only requires your pool’s dedicated pressure line.

– Works perfectly well for all types of pool surfaces and designs.

– Does not get stuck thanks to the back-up valve.

– Advanced cleaning technology and triple jet powered for superior cleaning.

– Equipped with 31 foot hose and debris bag

– Can sweep, scrub and vacuum, all at the same time.

– Quick transition from deep to shallow

– Specialized in medium and large debris


– Low quality debris bag: as stated above, other debris bags can last for up to 5 years. The debris bag that comes in the box of the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 will last anywhere from 1 to 2 years.

– The hose length should be on point: if it is too long, the device might not work. If it is too short, your pressure cleaner won’t be able to reach the farthest corners of your pool.

– Might leave some small debris behind

Final Verdict

All in all, the Polaris 360 pressure side pool cleaner is a very good pool cleaning robot that does its job. With an average rating of 4.4 stars on Amazon and my personal rating of 4.7 stars after taking into account multiple aspects, we can conclude that this pool cleaner is exceptional for any type of pool surfaces and in-ground pool designs.

Like any other pool cleaner, Polaris 360 has its own flaws, but it seems they are small in comparison to its features and benefits. If you are looking for an affordable product that does its job exceptionally well and can keep your pool clean all throughout the year, then Polaris 360 is your best bet. Order it now and take advantage of the special deal available on Amazon.

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